See Michael Fassbender And Charlize Theron On The New W

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In honor of Prometheus, Michael Fassbender and a not-instantly-recognizable (thanks to the angle of her swoon) Charlize Theron are on the new cover of W. [W]


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The editor of Vice's popular dos and don'ts column says that he gets many more photo submissions now than when it first launched, in 1994:

"Cell phone cameras have gotten to the point where they don't look completely blown out in print so that's been a complete revolution in terms of what we're able to use and run. That opened the doors..that's our Gutenberg press moment. And we have editions in like 35 countries right now or something ridiculous, so all of them send us stuff too which is great because people in Romania dress like shit."

He says that his writers come up with the best photo captions when they're hungover. Last night at the launch of the second book based on the column, Genesis P-Orridge read from dos and don'ts to a noisy and somewhat less-than-appreciative crowd. "Who is that guy?" asked the dude behind us. Philistines, man. [Fashionista]

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This is the wedding dress Hilaria Thomas wore to marry Alec Baldwin. It is by Amsale, and it was the third one she tried on. [People]

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Norwegian artist Jens Warner Andersen painted his house in Burberry's trademarked check. [Daily Mail]

  • Marvin S. Traub, the former C.E.O. of Bloomingdale's, has died at age 87. The cause was cancer. The Times looks back at Traub's well-developed sense of spectacle, which he used to turn his department-store chain into a venue for increasingly elaborate seasonally themed environments in the 1970s and 80s:

    In 1980, "Come to China at Bloomingdale's," a six-week pageant Mr. Traub negotiated in Beijing like a treaty, featured an entire Cantonese farmhouse, a Chinese garden pavilion and 20 exquisite robes from 1763 to 1908 that had never been seen outside the Forbidden City. He filled 14 branch stores in the Northeast with enough food, fashions and filigree for 11 million shoppers.

    "We are not only in competition with other stores, but with the Guggenheim and the Met," Traub once said. [NYTimes]

    Various designers and industry figures shared remembrances of Traub with Women's Wear Daily. Donna Karan recalls, "You couldn't say no to Marvin. When I met the Queen of England, I was with Marvin. Only Marvin could have the Queen of England at Bloomingdale's with Calvin, Ralph and myself." And Karl Lagerfeld says, "I'm really sad. He and his wife were the nicest couple in the business. He was great, so cheerful, so friendly. He is somebody I will always remember. He was a key figure in retail when it was a fairy tale." [WWD]

    Add Anna Wintour's voice to the chorus of praise for Raf Simons' début women's wear couture collection for Christian Dior. "He's a rock star in his own right," the editor told CNN. "He brought a lightness and simplicity to it that I thought was incredibly refreshing. Nice clothes are fine, but you can find nice clothes everywhere. What Raf brings is a point of view … From what we saw I think he was a brilliant choice," to lead Dior. [Fashionista]

    Noted curmudgeon David Bailey has this to say about fashion, the industry that made him a household name: "I was never that interested in fashion. It was the only way that a photographer in those days could earn a living creatively." He doesn't like the press much, either: "I respect the ones who are in Afghanistan but I'm not sure I respect the ones sitting in the front row of a fashion show. It's the most boring thing in the world." That's interesting, David Bailey, because one could easily say the same of photographers: that the ones who are in Afghanistan are worthy of respect, but not the ones who just take pretty pictures of supermodels to make women want to buy shit they don't need. [Telegraph]

    Valentino has been sold by its owners, the private-equity fund Permira. Mayhoola for Investments, an investment vehicle believed to be controlled by the Qatari royal family, is the buyer. $858 million is said to be the price. [WWD]

    George "I'm an out and proud gay man, look at all the half-dressed women I have hanging off of me in my videos" Michael says Kate Moss is starring in the video for his upcoming single. [Vogue UK]

    Jennifer Lopez is one of the backers of a new fashion Web site called Teeology, which will sell t-shirts. Explains the buzz-word-laden press release Women's Wear Daily's hard-hitting reporting:

    Using innovative technology and social networking tools to disrupt the traditional retail model, Teeology will place a curated selection of high-end printed T-shirts, designed by various artists and designers, up for vote by its members, with the winning designs going into immediate production.

    So, um, Threadless for rich people, then. [WWD]

    Kate Upton attended a baseball game in the luxury box of one Justin Verlander, the ballplayer she may or may not be dating. The model at one point raised a plastic cup and toasted with her friends. TMZ is concerned that the substance in the cup may have been beer — Upton is 20 — but, honestly, it's so pale in the video (inevitably, there is video) it looks more like Sprite. [TMZ]

    Karlie Kloss spent a little time helping restore a tiled mosaic at a playground in Harlem. "If I can do this here, maybe I can retile my bathroom," joked the supermodel. [P6]

    Happy 24th birthday to Puerto Rican model Joan Smalls. [HuffPo]

    Andrej Pejic is rumored to be taping a reality show that follows his working life in New York City, according to "sources close to" the famous male model. [Frockwriter]

    A "source" says of Vera Wang's split from her husband and business partner Arthur Becker, "They used to fight all the time in public, even at dinner. They would berate each other in front of other people, even though it made others uncomfortable." Fighting at dinner! Now that's behavior never before seen among married couples. [P6]

    Proctor & Gamble will stop selling Frederic Fekkai hair products outside the U.S. The company plans to, in a spokesperson's words, "go back and look at the business model" and relaunch the brand overseas in the future. [WWD]

    To mark its 10th season, Project Runway is planning to install a giant screen in the High Line park in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. The screen will be interactive, and images of Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Michael Kors, and the show's other personalities will move and talk when people walk by. [Racked]

    This season, the accessories wall on the show will be sponsored by Lord & Taylor. [WWD]

    AdWeek has a story about fashion blogs and the future of media, should such things interest you. It's kind of a snooze — seriously, the lede references that Dolce & Gabbana show where the house gave Garance Doré, Tommy Ton, BryanBoy, and Scott Shumann front-row seats, which took place in 2009 and has ben a cliché of "Hey, what's up with fashion bloggers?!?!" stories ever since — but that's interesting because Racked took AdWeek's tediousness as an opportunity to report a much more thorough story on the same topic, involving some of the same sources. Discussed are: Rookie, Jezebel, Into The Gloss, The Man Repeller,, and the soon-to-be relaunched The Cut. [AdWeek, Racked]

    Proenza Schouler is opening its first-ever boutique on the Upper East Side. Why uptown? "The reality is, the clothes are expensive and the customer is here," says co-designer Lazaro Hernandez. [WWD]

    Opening Ceremony has a London pop-up store opening on July 19. [WWD]


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