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See Lady Gaga As Mary Magdalene In New "Judas" Video

We were told that Lady Gaga's new video, "Judas," would be premiering on E! tonight. But wily one that she is, this afternoon she put five minutes of the 10-minute clip up on YouTube. What you'll see: Choppers. Leather jackets. Bandanas. Cornrows. A crown of thorns. Foot-washing. Norman Reedus from Boondock Saints. A large gun. A miracle? A stoning. Dancing! More thoughts tomorrow.


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OK I know opinion is divided but can you remember the last time we were all so excited and ready to internet comment on a music video? I am pretty sure the last time was the last Gaga video.

Is this not a better music video than 97% of them out there?

I know a lot of the responses on here have been negative but you watched and commented.