Late Night's "Jersey Floor" is a magical destination you can elect to stop at inside of 30 Rock's elevators. Upon arrival, the floor transforms anyone who enters into a Jerseylicious version of themselves โ€” and Tina Fey and Amy Poheler were no exception.

In the show's second installment, Amy and Tina star as "stalkers" โ€” a problem that The Situation and Pauly D seem to always be having on the real Jersey Shore. (Here's a thought: maybe it's not actual stalkers, but instead a bunch of fame-whores drawn to the lights of MTV's camera crew?) When the boys on the Floor start to feel uncomfortable by their new guests, "Droochie" โ€” Rachel Dratch's version of Snooki โ€” steps in for an all-out girlfight.

[Late Night With Jimmy Fallon]