Secret Service Not Alone, DEA Also Had 'Sex Parties' In Colombia

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The Department of Justice released a report on Thursday slamming the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for throwing "sex parties" with sex workers hired by Colombian drug cartels. Sounds like a real conflict of interest.


And it didn't just happen once, or even for one year. MNSBC reports:

The cartel-funded parties took place over a period of several years in agents' government-leased quarters, creating potential security risks. Seven of the 10 agents implicated ultimately admitted to attending the parties, according to the report. The DEA responded by imposing penalties ranging from a two-day suspension to a 10-day suspension.

And Obama is super pissed:

A White House official said in a brief statement that "the President expects nothing less than complete professionalism from all of our federal workers, and has zero tolerance for any sexual misconduct – especially from those who have the responsibility of enforcing the law. The President expects the Department of Justice to address this serious issue in a swift and thorough manner."

The fuck? This is the second federal agency to go down to Colombia and engage in the exact same reprehensible behavior. Never forget the Secret Service's antics from 2012:

[...] eight Secret Service agents were fired in the wake of revelations that they solicited prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia, ahead of a visit by President Obama. A Justice Department investigation found that two DEA agents arranged an encounter between a prostitute and a Secret Service officer.


Primary reason Obama should clean house and replace all these fools with women.

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