Second-Grader Combats ADHD With A Cup Of Joe

When her son Rowan was diagnosed with ADHD, Denver mom Christie Haskell was hesitant to sign her second-grader up for a prescription to Ritalin or Adderall. Wanted to avoid the negative side effects of said drugs, she researched other options online and came across a natural, yet controversial, cure for her son: coffee.


She tried the remedy, and it worked. Twice a day, Rowan is served a 4 oz. cup of joe which, he exclaimed to cameras, "tastes good!" His mother says he no longer has "the jitters," and that his behavior has improved as well:

"He doesn't overreact if we ask him to pick legos. Rather than screaming, throwing a tantrum and throwing himself on the floor, if we ask him to sit down and do his homework, he can actually do it."

Obviously, getting your child hooked on a daily dose of Starbucks at a young age is not ideal, but is a small dose of caffeine really any worse than the potential side effects of pharmaceuticals? And at least caffeine is natural (assuming that's a concern — for some, like, uh, half of the fine people working at this company, it isn't. But we're technically adults). Some believe that coffee's risks outweigh the benefits. But that's a possibility with pills, too. So nobody wins — except for the kid whose supernatural academic focus gets him a full ride to Harvard.



Tangentially related: Does anyone else have the problem where caffeine consumption will put them right to sleep? I'll occasionally drink some coffee when I'm feeling extra alert (no sugar or cream), and it tends to calm me down, but if I'm not careful, it will make me sleepy. That said, I just had a cup of coffee, and zzzzzz....