Season Four Trailer Of The Rachel Zoe Project: All Baby, All The Time

When we last left Rachel Zoe in Bravo-land, she and Rodger had just decided to have a baby, and Rachel was coming to terms with what that might mean for her career.


The new season will focus on Rachel's struggle to keep her ultra-stressful life and business in order, all while nursing the bun in her oven. Phrases like "I keep forgetting that I'm pregnant!" during a photoshoot and Rodger saying, "Don't kill my baby!" as a hairstylist sprays an unknown substance onto his wife's head can give you an idea of what this season will be like. And now that her former assistant Brad Goreski has moved on, it seems we'll get to watch a brand new fashion manservant freak out about meeting Rachel's demands.

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She really needs to learn how to delegate. I don't know why I constantly get sucked into this show. The people disgust me and nothing of substance really ever happens. Yet I can't stop watching!