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Season 2 of Top of the Lake Will Take Place in Sydney and Hong Kong

Illustration for article titled Season 2 of iTop of the Lake /iWill Take Place in Sydney and Hong Kong

We were vaguely aware that there would be a season 2 for Top of the Lake, the bizarre, gorgeous Jane Campion -directed mystery-thriller that nabbed 8 Emmy nominations and briefly made me both terrified of men and desperate to live in New Zealand.


But now, thankfully, it’s been confirmed: Elisabeth Moss will return as Detective Robin Griffin, this time investigating a case in Harbour City, Hong Kong. The announcement also noted that the series would be set and shot in Sydney, Australia, so it’s unclear how exactly it will pan out, location-wise.

Campion will be back as co-writer alongside Gerard Lee, and will co-direct with an as-yet-unknown partner. Production isn’t set to begin until December, but if it’s anything like Season 1, it’ll be worth the wait.


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Image via Parisa Taghizadeh/Sundance.

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i have not heard of this. is it amazing. TELL ME.