Sean Spicer Will Not Appear on Dancing With the Stars, Is Not a Good Dancer

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Hard to believe that only a week ago Sean Spicer’s purpose in life seemed so dazzlingly clear, when Page Six broke the news that Dancing With the Stars was courting the former White House press secretary for its upcoming season.



Sadly, on Thursday, TMZ learned from sources close to Spicer (who, as we know, leak fucking everything) that he was flattered by DWTS’s offer, but ultimately had to decline. According to the source, Spicer is not a good dancer.

However, the real reason Spicer turned down the offer, according to the source, was an “overwhelming number of commitments in the Fall.” I can only hope they will be as humiliating for him as DWTS would have been.

Anyway, DWTS really seems more like Anthony Scaramucci’s thing. I have a feeling that guy thinks he’s a wonderful dancer.

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