Sean Spicer Defends Alternative Facts and Trump in Jimmy Kimmel Interview

Screenshot: Youtube/Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Screenshot: Youtube/Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Former press secretary Sean Spicer is having a banner day: first, in the morning Harvard University named him one of their new visiting fellows, then, in the evening, he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! defending so-called “alternative facts” and President Trump.


The interview is rich material for understanding why having Spicer on a comedic talk show—while in theory funny, since from day one in the White House he so obviously played the part of Trump’s eruptive, rapidly tanning pawn—is more disconcerting that humorous. Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer impression was brilliant because through his character she could say anything; the real deal, on the other hand, can still only parrot praise for this administration and caution us all to be more tolerant of it, specifically of the lies it tries passing off as anti-establishment heroics.

Case in point, when Kimmel brought up Spicer’s infamous first press conference, in which he obviously fibbed about Trump’s Inauguration crowd size at the president’s behest, the man admitted no wrongdoing and said, “I think in all seriousness that, whether you voted for him or not, the president won the election, he faced a lot of headwinds and I think there was a faction of people out there that didn’t want to give him the credit he deserved. I think a lot of times he takes that personally.”

Then, after Kimmel’s team ran footage of Spicer stating during a press conference, “I think sometimes we can disagree with the facts,” Spicer responded by doubling down on his previous assertion, saying, “I think you can look at a set of facts and come out with one opinion and someone else can say, ‘While the facts are the same here, I come out with a different conclusion.’”

Thanks, genius, have fun at Harvard.

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I wish Kimmel had made his point that opinions are not facts a little more clearly. As Spicer stuck to the party line, I wondered if He did sign an NDA. I would not think it would be a legally binding document since Mr. Trump is not his boss, and Spicer didn’t work for the Trump Organization. My guess is he learned a bit about honor in the Navy. But, it was a glaring error for Kimmel not to point out that Spicer believes journalists should be held to a higher standard than his boss. He has a lot of arrogance to accuse the Press of always wanting to be first rather than right is after admitting to telling “alternative” facts as the voice of POTUS. Spicer was a good sport who performed much like Scaramuci did on Colbert. I am a little worried for his safety now though after Kimmel pointed out he has the upper hand on Trump now. Putin might not like that.