Sean Penn Allegedly Banged His El Chapo Fixer

Kate del Castillo, AP images.
Kate del Castillo, AP images.

Sean Penn’s less-than-stellar stab at journalism is looking worse, now that Mexican actor Kate del Castillo–who helped facilitate his El Chapo meeting–claims that they banged after the trip. “It was just business,” she tells People. “And sex,” she adds.


Sean Penn’s 2014 gonzo-styled Rolling Stone report has been blamed for El Chapo’s capture by the DoJ. Now Penn is warning Netflix not to show Castillo’s a three-part documentary series “The Day I Met El Chapo: the Kate del Castillo Story” because “blood will be on their [Netflix’s] hands if this film causes bodily harm [to Sean Penn?]” The New York Times reports that Penn also believes the documentary will not make him look good.

Somebody banged Sean Penn!

Harvey Weinstein has responded to Lupita Nyong’o’s claim that he lured her to his bedroom and then asked for a massage, later telling her at a dinner “let’s cut to the chase” and go to a private room. His representative tells E! News he “has a different recollection of events.” It’s one of few similar responses he’s given to over a dozen allegations after the New York Times and New Yorker reports.

Mariah Carey’s ex fiancé billionaire James Packer, we hardly knew ye, because this whole time you have been lurking in shadow (according to Weekend Australian’s headline “Out From the Shadows.”) Packer bursts into the blaze of Australian media to announce that dating Mariah Carey was a “mistake for her and a mistake for me” and the result of a “low point” in his life, so don’t date her. As far as we know, she reportedly didn’t give the $10 million diamond ring back, so I guess she’s okay.

But now she’s not okay because she has been burgled! TMZ reports that they grabbed $50,000 of less than ten purses and sunglasses via a ladder in the backyard. She’ll be okay.


The rule for celebrity Instagrams is to gaze at the floor, so Britney Spears’s low-res joie-de-vivre is a gift. She’s at her jillion dollar home modeling a “Baby One More Time” skirt, like we all have, and again, it’s just...nice. [Instagram]

  • TMZ’s LAX reporters have once again caught a celebrity quote. Model Meagan Good, who’s married to a pastor, says that transgender model Ines Rau’s front-page Playboy spread will “save lives.” [TMZ]
  • 13-year-old actress Milli Bobby Brown, who showcased serious acting skills on Stranger Things, is chic but refreshingly non-sexualized and down-to-business on the cover of L’Officiel. [Instagram]
  • More disturbing Justin Bieber news: he would like to babysit Kylie Jenner’s baby and wants one of his own, sources tell Life&Style. WHERE IS THE MONKEY, JUSTIN??

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