Sean Hannity And Ann Coulter Are More Fun Than A Barrel of Sexually-Harassed Monkeys

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Enraged conservative hedgehog Sean Hannity once again welcomed Ann Coulter to his show the other day, and the two had some pretty fun yuks about sexual harassment to wrap up their talk about politics. It's a shame that someone with as big a stage as Hannity can't come up with a better joke about on-the-job harassment, a topic ripe for comedy.


The exchange went like this:

Hannity: It was good to see you. For once, you did not get to call me names. Like last time, a "gossipy old woman" and "a brat" because I didn't ask you about your dating life.
Coulter: And I miss doing that.
Hannity: Listen, you might sue me for harassment by the time this is over.
Coulter: LOLOL

Fumble, Hannity. Fumble.

It's not that sexism can never be funny, it's just that questioning the existence of sexual harassment is not funny. A good joke should challenge the status quo or upend existing power structures, not reinforce them (a joke at the expense of a victim isn't a joke at all; that's called "bullying"). There's plenty to laugh about when it comes to sexual harassment— the absurdity of how accepted it was in the workplace until fairly recently, the overacted Unsolved Mysteries style reenactments of do's and don'ts in corporate anti-sexual harassment training videos, ascribing ability to sexually harass to inanimate objects like vending machines and free donuts.

And it's not exactly a good idea for people discussing the virtues of Republican Presidential candidates to make jokes that draw attention to the fact that one leading Republican Presidential candidate has actually had some pretty serious sexual harassment charges leveled against him from several women. Herman Cain's support among Republican women is already plummeting without their help.


But this is the dynamic comedy duo of Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter (celebrity couple name: Sann Cann), and together they're about as funny as getting scabies right before a tropical vacation. It's just surprising that two giants of the gabbing conservative face game would be so self-sabotaging.

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Sexual harassment is a myth perpetuated by the liberal media machine, much like racism. It's just human nature at work! Political correctness will be the downfall of this nation, and you will all be sucked into the vortex of godlessness. It's in Revelations, people!