Screenwriter Says Ex He Met on Tinder Used Entourage to Ruin His Life

Image via Entourage/HBO.
Image via Entourage/HBO.

Hollywood screenwriter Derek Connolly is suing Ada Hui, a woman he met on Tinder and dated for several months, claiming that she threatened to go full “Entourage S7 E7” and ruin his career through blackmail.


According to TMZ, once their relationship soured last month, Connolly—who has contributed work to Star Wars: Episode IX and Kong: Skull Island—“says [Hui] exploded in a fit of rage, posting their text messages on Instagram and threatening to damage his career.”

Then it got really ugly. Connolly says she told him to drop off her stuff by a certain time, or else it would be “Entourage S7 E7,” a reference to Season 7 Episode 7 titled “Tequila and Coke,” in which Ari Gold was blackmailed.

He says she threatened to “gut” his identity and self-worth. He says she cautioned, “You won’t see it coming” before it hits him “like a ton of bricks.”

Connolly is suing Hui for stalking and invasion of privacy. I do not support either of these things, but I do support women using Entourage to ruin men’s lives.

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Confession time: I LOVE Entourage, and I LOVE LOVE LOVED the Entourage movie. It’s a dumb, goofy show about a bunch of fuckheads fucking around in Hollywood, and it’s funny and stupid and hilarious and ARI GOLD IS JUST AMAZING AND HE IS THE SORT OF JEWISH AMERICAN MAN THAT I ASPIRE TO BE LIKE

Yes I know it is very problematic and misogynistic, and it’s not something that I take seriously in any way shape or form, but like.... Lloyd and Ari are really funny together! Also, there is some really heartwarming bromance going on. These guys are really good buddies! I would get into these same sort of hijinks with my crew too! And we’d all stick together even if one of us got big.

And as for the movie.... it was basically a 90minute episode of the show. So if you love the show (which I do), you’ll love the movie. Because it’s more of the same! It’s basically like how The Simpsons movie was awesome.