Scott Snuck a Woman into Costa Rica While Filming KUWTK, Which Infuriated Everyone But Kourtney

Scott hanging with another pal in Miami after he reportedly fled Costa Rica. Image via Splash News.
Scott hanging with another pal in Miami after he reportedly fled Costa Rica. Image via Splash News.

The photo above is of Scott Disick lounging beside some anonymous woman in Miami. He looks sunburned, which worries me. Scott! Wear some SPF 50! And don’t forget to re-apply every 90 minutes! But I’m losing focus. The reason Scott is suddenly in Miami and not with the Kardashians in Costa Rica, where he was photographed just days ago, is because he did a dumb thing.


TMZ reports the Lord was hanging out with Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Kris absorbing island vibes in the popular non-island country because the family is filming some episodes of their show there. For a while, things looked fine. They lounged on the beach. They lounged by the pool. They lounged on the deck. But then Kim and Kris reportedly found out that Scott “secretly flew a girl” (not the woman pictured above) down to be with him, “put her up at a hotel where the crew was staying,” and lost their minds.

Reports TMZ:

We’re told someone from the crew ratted Scott out, telling Kris and Kim about Scott’s muse. Our sources say Kim and Kris had a ferocious argument with Scott. It had nothing to do with Kourtney ... that relationship has been over for a long time. They felt it was disruptive and disrespectful.

The reason this story is here—the reason I am so amused by it—is because nothing about it has nothing to do with Kourtney. She doesn’t kare! Only Kim and Kris do! While they fought about whether or not what Scott did was “disrespectful” or not, Kourtney just Instagrammed photos of her ass having a seat on a rail.

God, they’re all just too much, aren’t they?


Here’s an Instagram caption.


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