Scott Disick's Sometimes Manager Says There Would Be No Kardashians Without Ray J or O.J.

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The celebrity appearance fee world is a crazy ecosystem of fame, lime light and cash, where the talentless (Scott Disick) and infamous (Ray J) can make bank for just showing up places. In a new piece for GQ, Carrie Battan dives into how it all works, and there are a number of gems, mostly from Disick’s sometimes-manager David Weintraub.

Through interviews with those in the know, Battan outlines which celebrities get the most money for the least work, and why. For his part, Weintraub—who also reps Ray J, but says that’s no issue—has built his company upon this system, and has the scars from his badly behaved client to prove it.

“My attitude with Scott right now is: I’ll make money with you and bring you deals. But just know where you came from.” I can see he’s getting more incensed with every word. He leans into my audio recorder and begins to shout: “Without [Weintraub’s former business partner] Sean Stewart and David Weintraub, you would never know these motherfucking people! I grew up with them. NOT. YOU.”


He goes on:

“I’m being really real,” he says. “Without Ray J’s dick, there’s no Scott Disick. Without O. J. Simpson, there is no business for this family.”

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To continue a conversation begun, last night (anyone?).

I, myself, am as happy to see the Kardashians as anyone else (and I do not mean this with any irony at all). Sometimes as an escape from the daily grind, we need lipstick and absurdity. Bread and circuses. A good laugh.

But is this into what Jezebel is meant to devolve in its entirety (Hillary; this is no criticism aimed towards you, of course! We know that it was a recent GM decision): make-up, celebrity, and only the occasional news? Is this fulfilling and a positive message for committed women with a diversity of views?

Joseph Medicine Crow passed into the Spirit Realm at 102, today. A beautiful man, and an inspiration. And a piece of news that might touch all humanity.

Could we not enlarge Jezebel’s purview to include a diversity of race; of ethnicity; of news, politics, and culture. I believe that many of the commenters on Jezebel would like to read articles of a bit more import to the lives that most of us humans live, today.

I love matte lipstick as much as the next girl, but will this be all and everything?

This (to me) is part and parcel of feminism: recognising and highlighting disenfranchisement wherever it occurs, and appreciating our heroes and heroines, and the paths they tread everywhere.

Does anyone else feel the same?

Rest in Peace, Joseph Medicine Crow.