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As we've recently noted, Dilbert creator Scott Adams has what we'll gently call a "skewed" perspective on sex, gender, rape, race — all that jazz. After a decent handful of websites (this one included) took issue with a recent post on Adams' blog — he posited that rape and other such offenses were the result of men's natural instincts gone awry — Adams declared all dissenters to be victims of LRC (low reading comprehension). Nobody really got him. And so he challenged someone from any one of those critical sites to submit to an email interview with him.


Oh, we are so in.

I offered Scott the chance to interview our writer Irin Carmon as a representative of Jezebel, and he's game. But we've been warned: Adams declares that this "will not turn out well" for any interviewee. Because with the strength of his own arguments and logic, he will doodle us into silence, you see.

The first exchange has already been posted (his response complained about Irin being "wordy"), but given the nature of the email back-and-forth, we anticipate this interview will go on for a few days. And as much as it pains me to suggest that you bookmark Adams' blog, you might want to do so for this special occasion.

And we'll do our best not to let our cripplingly low reading comprehension get in the way of the discussion.

Update: Adams' original post has been updated with a second round.

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Jeff Bercovici

Scott Adams's entire world view is one big defense mechanism in response to rejection. Everything that happens to him he generalizes into some kind of societal pattern, when in fact it's very specific to him.

His whole pegs vs. holes riff is based on the supposed asymmetry that men want to fuck but women don't. Uh, Scott? It is actually just you that women don't want to fuck. Sorry. You would probably know this if you had some female friends.

Likewise, this:

"My first career, in banking, came to an end when my boss told me there was no potential for a white male to get a promotion until the company did a lot of catching up in the diversity department. My second career, at the phone company, ended the same way."

Scott, there is plenty of opportunity in the workforce for white men who are competent and don't have raging personality disorders. I assure you, white dudes are getting plenty of promotions, and giving plenty of them, too, since they still tend to be most of the bosses. Is it possible your supervisors trotted out this supposed affirmative action excuse because "You are too big of an asshole" is a tough thing to have to say?