It appears that all of Cathy's dreams are finally coming true, as scientists have reportedly invented a water-based, low-fat chocolate that tastes just like the real thing, but has fewer calories. But is this really progress?

The scientists who created the bar at the University of Birmingham say they hope their work, which involves replacing fat molecules with "calorie-free substances such as water, air or gel" will expand to other products, including mayonnaise, in order to help the general public fight obesity. But isn't there something kind of gross about a chemically-enhanced product being used to promote healthy eating? Anyone who ate a WOW chip in the late 90s (and spent an hour in the bathroom afterward) can tell you that "replacement fats" aren't always the godsend they appear to be, eh?

What do you think, crew? Is the scientific engineering of candy a good thing, or is it just another chemical fad?

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