Science Might Give You Perfect Pitch, Now Go Become Next Mariah Carey

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Oh what's that? You're a terrible singer who is totally tone deaf yet you still have superstar pop diva dreams? Don't worry! Science will be the Brian Epstein of your world and make that shit happen for you.

Perfect pitch is not a mangled attempt at writing the name of a Rebel Wilson movie. Perfect pitch (or "absolute pitch") is the ability to accurately recreate or identify a musical note without any tonal reference point. Suffice it to say, it's pretty bad ass, it helps you a lot if you are an aspiring singer/musician and it's damn rare. But not if science has anything to say about it!

It's also a trait that only develops early in childhood. Scientists are now experimenting with brain-altering drugs (ALWAYS A GOOD THING) that could change all that:

In the study, researchers gave adult mice "histone-deacetylase" or HDAC inhibitors (often used as mood stabilizers and anti-epileptics), and discovered they suddenly exhibited these perfect-pitch qualities. The researchers then gave the same kind of drugs to adult men, who could suddenly identify pitches where they couldn't before. Apparently, these HDAC inhibitors allow the brain to learn something it would otherwise be incapable of after puberty.


Check out the full findings in Frontiers. Oh and did you know that Florence Henderson, aka Mrs. Brady, of all people is someone who has perfect pitch? Not too shabby, Mrs. B!

In honor of this most epic science achievement, let us now watch a supercut of American Idol's shittiest, most painful auditions ever. Please, science, don't ever take these away from us:

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Be careful what you wish for. As someone who's had it from birth - it runs in my family: both parents, brother, at least a couple of my nieces and nephews - it's at least as much of a pain in the ass as it is a gift.