Yup: Scientists managed to knock up a dog via in vitro fertilization, resulting in OMG PUPPIES!!!!!!

The Associated Press reports on the developments out of Cornell University. ā€œWe each took a puppy and rubbed it with a little towel and when it started to squiggle and cry, we knew we had success,ā€ said Dr. Alexander Travis, one of the scientists involved. PUPPIES!!!!!!

Itā€™s a technical achievement due to the quirks of dogsā€™ reproductive systems, says ABC News: ā€œI like to say itā€™s because dogs are weird...They have a lot of fun, reproductive quirks,ā€ explained researcher Jennifer Nagashima. ā€œThey experience really long periods where they donā€™t cycle. They go into heat once or twice a year.ā€ Summerā€™s crazy, right?

While it may sound like a purely frivolous luxury item from Oprahā€™s Favorite Things 2027, the technology could in fact help with particular breedsā€™ harmful traits, plus:

Nagashima explained the experiment could be imperative to helping the survival of other endangered canid species, such as the red wolf or African wild dog.

ā€œIn most cases with canid species, their populations are declining,ā€ said Nagashima, noting there are more than 30 canid species. ā€œWe need to develop a tool,ā€ to keep their genetics alive.


Wolf PUPPIES!!!!!!

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Photo via AP Images.