Schwarzenegger Extolled The Virtues Of The "Mulatto Ass"

Seems like as good a time as any to direct your attention to this '80s-era clip of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoying what Brazil has to offer during Carnival. Sample quote: "After watching the mulattos shake it, I can absolutely understand why Brazil is totally devoted to my favorite body part: The ass."

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He is young, foolish and full of it.

However, I can´t but wonder if the term mulatto was correctly used. Anybody from Brazil out there?

I am from Mexico, and in Spanish, we understand by "mulato" the mix of a black with a white person. The word doesn´t have any other connotations to me other than the colonial times when Spanish were having babies with the slaves brought from Africa.

What is the connotation in Brazil? might also be a pure description of the mix, rather than any ratial slur.

He was clearly a douche and comes across kinda creepy (plus as a Mexican I resented some of his comments during his time in office, although I don´t live in the US), but bear in mind that his domain of the English language was ABYSMAL. He probably didn´t know any better.

Jus sayin´