School Tries to Block Native Student From Wearing Feather at Graduation

Kaden Tiger is a senior at Seminole High School in Oklahoma. Earlier this week, he told a reporter that he planned on wearing an eagle feather on his graduation cap, even though the school had declared that doing so would be against he rules. Ironic, since Seminole's school mascot is a feather-headdress-wearing chieftain.


Local news channel KFOR4 interviewed Tiger before graduation; he'd already attached the feather and some beadwork to his cap. He earned the feather for "his outstanding citizenship in the Seminole Nation." The school had informed him — and all students — that decorating their caps was not allowed, but Tiger was all steely calm and determination. "I'm still gonna wear it, I can't take it off, I mean… You can't make me," he said. By the way, as the news footage notes, half of Seminole High's student body is Native American.

The Seminole High graduation took place last night. In photographs seen on Tiger's Facebook and Instagram, there was an eagle feather on his cap. Pretty sure he's got a bright future ahead of him — and a round of congratulations are in order.



THIS is why cultural appropriation is so awful. The same things that are belittled on the bodies of POC, to whom these items belong, are celebrated on the bodies of white people. I know this particular case isn't a perfect example of it, but this is the kind of thing that we see so often. White women wearing bindis are called 'fashionable' and 'boho' but if a brown woman wears it she is made fun of. It all ties in together.