Schneider Beer Ad Asks Ladies to Forgive Men for Acting Rapey

Argentina's Schneider beer markets itself as a slow-brewed draught that needs maturation time to reach its prime. Just like men.

The premise of this new ad could've been kinda cute — to quote Britney, everyone goes through that "not a girl, not yet a woman" stage of trial and error — but instead it features men unapologetically asking women who are 100x hotter than them to forgive them (in a "sorry I'm not sorry" way) for "outbursts of tacky compliments" (street harassment), "our hormones taking control of us" (um, rape?), "for taking a no as a yes" (more rape?), and some lesser foibles, like having a creepy browser history.

At the end of the ad, puppy-eyed men raise their glasses to the beer that's the "maturity of the man who's in the process." Seth MacFarlane, are you behind this?


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