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Scenes From The 1987 JCPenney Denim Fashion Show

Illustration for article titled Scenes From The 1987 JCPenney Denim Fashion Show

A station in Philadelphia has been re-running the '80s teen dance show Dancin' on Air, and this video captured by FourFour blogger (and Pot Psychologist) Rich Juzwiak shows what we're missing by living in a time when head to toe denim is neither encouraged nor acceptable. Sadly, one can no longer purchase suspender jeans, scrunchies in every color, or a "fast-moving denim outfit" at JCPenney, and many of us will never know the joy of having the "freedom to move in any direction" thanks to our baggy blue bib overalls.


A denim fashion show by RichJuz [Via Buzzfeed]

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