Scenes From A Doggy Rock Show

As part of Sydney's Vivid LIVE festival, Laurie Anderson created a 20 minute concert specifically for dogs, with the actually music being "mostly inaudible" to their human owners. It appears that the dogs had a rockin' good time:

There was plenty of dancing involved, as we see here.


If this dog's enraptured expression is to be believed, this human kid has no idea what he's missing.

Everyone came dressed to impress, naturally.


And some dogs even found religion. Or were knighted. Or something. What is going on here?


These two immediately hit it off by complimenting each other on their amazing taste in coats.


And this sweet-face looks entranced by the jams his owner can't really hear.


And after all that partying, everyone was smart enough to call someone for a nice walk home. Rock on, doggies.

[All images via Getty.]

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