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Scarlett Johansson has found herself in another casting controversy, this time over the role of a transgender person.


According to Billboard:

Re-teaming with her Ghost in the Shelldirector Rupert Sanders, Johansson is set to star in a feature called Rub & Tug, about the true-life story of Jean Marie Gill, who was assigned female at birth, but who assumed the identity of a man, Dante “Tex” Gill, and operated a massage parlor and prostitution business in Pittsburgh in the 1970s and ‘80s.


But when commenters noted that perhaps the role should have gone to a trans actor, Johansson’s rep reportedly responded:

“Tell them that they can be directed to Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto, and Felicity Huffman’s reps for comment.” Okay then!


Jada Pinkett Smith posted a nice tribute to her friend Whitney Houston, who attended her baby shower when she was pregnant with her son, Jaden, so many (19) years ago. 


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