The world is full of opportunities to live like a Victorian, if you look hard enough. For instance: The U.K. is worried about rising rates of scarlet fever.

Thatā€™s according to the BBC. Public Health England warns that cases in England and Wales jumped from 4,642 in 2013, to 15,625 in 2014, to 17,586 in 2015. Thatā€™s the most since 1967. And 2016 isnā€™t shaping up any better, either: ā€œPHE said about 600 cases are being flagged up each week in England, and further increases are expected as the infection comes into it the peak season - which typically occurs between late March and mid April,ā€ the BBC notes.

Consequently, PHE wants doctors and patients alike on the lookout. ā€œPatients who do not show signs of improvement within a few days of starting treatment should seek urgent medical advice,ā€ warned Dr Theresa Lamagni, who noted that possible complications include pneumonia and ear infections.

This isnā€™t a case of vaccine deniers run amuck; thereā€™s no vaccine for scarlet fever. The reasons for the spike arenā€™t clear, either; it ā€œmay reflect the long-term natural cycles in disease incidence seen in many types of infection,ā€ according to PHE.

Good luck out there!

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