Scandal: Let's Touch First Ladies and Put Ladies First

Last night's episode was titled "We Do Not Touch the First Ladies," but someone did touch the FLOTUS. Someone touched her a lot.

We knew that Mellie and Andrew Nichols had a past, but we didn't know it was all pent-up never-acted-upon emosexual tension. As seen in the clip above, Mellie finally just threw herself at him while Eleanor Roosevelt watched.


Back in the day they didn't even touch. We don't touch the First Ladies!

What else happened?

  • Quinn continues to be the worst.
  • Huck and the coffee = dumb
  • The Publius plotline is kind of a mess
  • David Rosen got not-kidnapped and he and Abby are in love now
  • Sally Langston is thisclose to snapping
  • That sandy-haired Secret Service guy is a B613 mole

Oh: Command Jake is upset about being Fake boyfriend Jake, and looking mighty fine while doing so. Olivia has become such a weak, flawed, trying character. Remember when she used to be The Fixer and get shit done? So far the best "I am woman hear me roar" scene of Season 3 has been guest-star Lisa Kudrow going off on sexism in politics. What happened to the ladypower?

All in all: A meh episode.

There's only one thing to look forward to: These hot badasses making trouble.


Come on, Scandal. Pull it together. Let's have less dumb dude love triangle and more clever women making waves, please, thank you.

BTW: More fun than last night's Scandal was last night's Escandalo.

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I cannot express how much that made my day.