Scandal: Huck Smash and Your Olivia Pope Moment of the Week

Last night on Scandal: Slut-shaming, lying, spying, confessing and cockblocking. The usual!


The Gladiators had an actual client this week, after a few episodes away from their usual work routine. There was a sleazy sexting Senator accused of murder and Jan from The Office played his wife and there was a dramatic courtroom scene (although, as we all know, the best dramatic courtroom scene is in Wild Things. Bill Murray in a neckbrace, CYRUS, glass-throwing, "You skanky bitch!" Watch it here!). But: Your Olivia Pope Moment of the Week comes from the end of the episode, when Jake and Liv are making out on the couch and Mr. President calls. Of course. And while Olivia is talking to Fitz, Jake interrupts: "More wine?" Of course! The question: Who was cockblocking who? (Whom?) I could have sworn Fitz was on his way over. Instead he was en route to meet Papa Pope, and we'll have to figure out WTF that is about next week.

But the exchange that they had — full of weird silences, unsaid yearning, the stiffness in his voice when he says "you have company" — was so spot-on in terms of "talking to the ex." Ugh. Thanks, Shonda.

In other news, Scott Foley is, of course, not a fan of Fitz and Olivia together. And! He gives a little teaser of episode 309, which airs at the end of November:

I’ve been on shows that have had less story in 50 episodes than Scandal has in [episode] 309. I felt like I was at the table read for ten hours, there’s so much crap that happens. Every single storyline had a Holy shit! moment: Jake and Olivia, Fitz and Jake, Fitz and Olivia, Cyrus and James, Mellie and Fitz, Huck and Quinn. At some point, I whispered to myself, “This is insanity,” but it was loud enough that everyone in the room laughed. I even cried at one point! It was insane.

Additional awesome moment in this episode: HUCK SMASH. Quinn really needed to get yelled at. Thank you, Huck.

Finally: Had to make a gif of this Wine Moment. Olivia downs her glass, and as Jake pours some more, she looks at the liquid longingly, licking her lips. Been there.


By the by: There's a Scandal scandal happening: A foul-mouthed fan/blogger/tweeter turned out to be an ABC executive!



The moment a man wordlessly refills my wine glass is the moment I know he is The One. It would also be really great if he looked like Scott Foley.

I am so Team Jake it HURTS. Literally the only positive thing about Fitz is the way he walked down the hallway at the end of last night's episode.