Say a Prayer for the Victoria's Secret Model Who Ate a Pear at In-N-Out

Kelly Gale at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
Kelly Gale at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
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I have seen the 2001 motion picture film Head Over Heels, and so I understand that it is very difficult to be a model. It appears time has not made this easier, or so I learned from the plight of one Victoria’s Secret model, who found herself at an In-N-Out last week and ate nary an Animal Style fry.


Indeed, according to, on Wednesday model Kelly Gale posted a series of videos to her Instagram Story at an In-N-Out Burger in Monterey, California. Now, if I were in In-N-Out-blessed California and not sad, In-N-Out-devoid New York, I too would document my experience on social media. 

But Kelly Gale and I are different people, and her videos did not show her shoving a Double Double down her throat at an alarming speed. Instead, they showed her jumping rope outside the establishment and eating a very sad-looking pear.

“We’re at … In-N-Out? … So I guess I’m having my pear,” Gale says in one video, captioning a photo of the In-N-Out sign with “Not gonna pretend that I eat here guys cause I don’t,” in another.

The videos sparked some backlash, with folks pointing out that mocking people at a fast food joint is a liiiiiiittle bit (i.e., extremely) body shame-y. And considering Victoria’s Secret’s longstanding issues with size-inclusivity (among other things), this isn’t a great look.

Still, I feel for Gale, who went all the way to an In-N-Out only to do an exercise and eat a fruit. And not just any fruit, but a pear, which is arguably the most boring fruit of all. You’re in California, at least have a damn avocado.



Notorious GIGI

This doesn’t bother me? When models act like they eat and exercise like normal people, it just makes normal people feel like shit for not looking like that. I feel a lot better about my body knowing that at least I get to enjoy food while she has to settle for raw vegetables and that pear.