Saudi Woman's Instagram Is One of the Most Popular in the Arab World

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Now before your stomach gets all excited about these tiny but extravagant sweets and baked goods, keep in mind that these are all clay sculptures. While that may be leave your tummy-tums jilted, it should also leave your mind a bit blown.

Ahlam Alnajdi, a Saudi photographer and artist, has dedicated her time to creating these deceivingly delectable works of art. She has amassed over one million followers and has become one of the most popular Instagram accounts in Saudi Arabia. As Abdirahim Saeed at BBC reports, in a country that boasts the most Twitter users in the world but maintains restrictive edicts on women, social media is an ideal outlet for Saudi ladies. And Alnajdi, a break-out Instagram star is using it to sustain her own business and potentially inspire others:

"I think my work proves that with a bit of ambition and persistence, it's possible for any young person in Saudi Arabia to build a successful business...People are proud of me and I think I'm a good example of an Arab girl who managed to reach people from across the world with her work."

Here's to spending the afternoon googling, "Is eating clay really that bad for you?"

Image via Ahlamalnajdi's Instagram.

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Good for her that she's successful at something that makes her happy. She's obviously very talented. That said... I don't get it. Like, what is the point of these other than looking very realistic. Would someone buy them and display them in their home? Would the companies whose products she's sculpting buy them for their corporate offices? I'm probably missing something obvious... Someone help me out here.