Saudi Princess Wants To Drive, Promises A Woman's Revolution

Fairy tales teach us that part of being a princess means having your dreams come true. Getting what you want. Princess Ameerah al-Taweel is gorgeous, rich, and owns a pet zebra. But her true desire? To be able to drive in her homeland of Saudi Arabia — and for other women to be able to drive as well.


Princess Ameerah (who is a a graduate of New Haven University with a degree in Business Administration) chooses not to wear a veil, is on the board of a humanitarian organization, and acknowledges that there are "other priorities" for women in Saudi Arabia besides driving: "Basic rights." This morning on the Today show, she hinted that a woman's revolution is coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: "You'll see a whole movement."



Please do not glorify her or encourage the likes of her. The only reason you see her on morning American tv is because she is exactly what she looks like: Saudi Arabia's answer to Melania Trump (I'm being nice, it was going to be Crystal Hefner).

If you would like to hear true commoner Saudis' opinions on women like her, aka royals who Ho-Jack legitimate causes for their own personal gain and end up bleeding the cause and raising their own profiles without adding ANYTHING at all, please get on twitter and follow the movements being fomented there by real people (the hash tag is #Women2Drive). People getting arrested in the sidelines who plead with the police not to make their records public to a ruthless state-run press (owned, for the most part, by the husbands of women like this) who then make examples of them in the local press. You will never see this woman in the local media. She's used as a show pony for these very shows. This is no hero. 6 women were arrested last week and were let out on bail. They and their guardians (as Saudi women alone do not have sufficient agency to be held accountable) have a criminal record. The true hero Manal Al-Sharif, the Rosa Parks of Saudi Arabia, was intimidated and coerced into backing out of her ACTUAL women's movement after rotting for 10 days in a prison cell and American TV interviews Princess Weave of Magic?

Jezebel, I implore you not to make the same mistake Vogue did with the puff piece about Asmaa Al-Assad and her yoga rituals as her husband carpet-bombed civilians by the thousands. Do not glorify these ice-queens. And as a feminist leaning website, I am disheartened to see you praise a woman whose only claim to fame is being 27, young and gorgeous when a sketchy 60 year old business man with a porn 'stache found her. Gold-digging should NEVER be encouraged....but from feminists this is especially disappointing.