Saudi All-Women's College Probably Won't Be Holding Any Sorority Mixers

Saudi Arabian King Abdullah has opened a large all-women's university on the outskirts of Riydha.

Men and women are strictly segregated in Saudi society. National law is a reflection of strict interpretation of Sunni law, which bans women from driving or traveling without a man. Male professors and teachers deliver lectures to female students via a video connection. Saudi women are also required to fully cover when appearing in public.

Because of the ban on female driving, the 50,000 student university will shuttle its students from place to place with a state-of-the-art monorail system and solar paneled electric buggies.


If I had my druthers, I'd buy myself a one way ticket to the Middle East and Kevin Bacon that place up.*

*No, I wouldn't.

Saudi King Opens Largest Women-Only University [AFP]

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