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Saturday Night Social: You Rock, Rock

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Screenshot: YouTube / CMU

A bulbous 22-pound rock that was used for decades to prop open the door of a Michigan interior has been unmasked as a meteorite, now valued at $100,000.


In January, the rock’s owner brought their doorstop to Central Michigan University geology professor Monaliza Sirbescu. Normally, it is Sirbescu’s job to tell all the civilians who bring her rocks that what they have found is not a meteorite—this time was different.

“Within minutes—within seconds—I knew that this was it. It was a real one,” Sirbescu said.


It’s good to be like this rock. Keeping doors open. Maintaining a rich inner life. Staying strong. Being a real one.

As you forge ahead with your weekends I leave you with this poem by fictional character Albert Markovski from the 2004 indie classic I Heart Huckabees:

“Nobody sits like this rock sits.

You rock, rock.

The rock just sits and is.

You show us how to just sit here

and that’s what we need.”

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Well I’ve never posted on SNS before but: I have just finished my first month post-divorce. I can’t really call it that because we had a wedding but no legal marriage, and really I wish there was a non-goopy term close to ‘conscious uncoupling’ because I’m proud to say its closer to the truth.

My ex-partner and I have a true love, but he never figured out how to get on his feet financially. After years of anxiety and co-dependance, I couldn’t take it any more. I’m 37, childless (I want one), and I took the leap of faith in hopes of finding a more satisfying life. I have no idea what the future will bring. I don’t know if I’ll ever find love again, ever have a family, but I took a chance on myself and I don’t regret it. My life is mine, now. I’m living for myself instead of giving all my energy to someone who is constantly in crisis.

I’m frightened, excited, devastated, relieved, and exhausted. I’m re-reading Life of Pi because I, too, feel like I have escaped a sinking ship but must now face the wilderness outside and inside of myself. I’m taking refuge in art and film and books and friends. I’m letting myself be ok with the unknown. I was so afraid of the shame of a failed marriage, but at this moment, I feel proud of myself.

Please- I would love to hear from anyone else out there who has been through this and got to the other side.