Saturday Night Social: You Oughta Know It's Alanis Morissette's Birthday

Happy birthday to Alanis Morissette! The Canadian songstress turns 39 today, and hopefully has a better grasp on the definition of irony by now. But you can't realllly hold it against her! I never knew a breakup song about Dave Coulier would mean so much to me. Right? Right? Would you go down on me in a theater? Not if we were seeing something GOOD, I mean, but what if we were seeing, like, Peeples?

On that note, 'bye!

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I went home with a guy this week and the entire experience was completely bananas. Almost as soon as we got inside, he threw an entire jug of freezing cold water over me, ("now you have to take your dress off, haha!"), and then he started punching me in the face.

I said I don't like being punched in the face and asked him not to do it anymore, and he then made a joke (?) about how he was going to rape me. I'm a survivor of multiple rapes, so I lost my shit at his 'joke' and was like "if you rape me, I will kill you", and then he got really upset and kept saying "Don't be weird," and started slapping my face again.

Is this normal? Should I be expecting this on the dating scene or am I a magnet for dangerous men? I don't even know what to think anymore; it seems like almost every guy I meet wants to hit me :/