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Saturday Night Social: Why Are You Proud to Be an American?

With our bellies filled with charred hot dogs and our hands ready to set off illegal fireworks in honor of America’s 239th birthday, let’s reflect on why are all ‘proud to be an American’ with help from this memorable scene from the 1999 classic, Drop Dead Gorgeous.


As Becky Ann Leeman (played by Denise Richards) said, “To live in a country where you can take an ugly old mountain and put faces on it, faces of great Americans who did so much to make our country super great. Well, that makes me Rebecca Leeman, proud to be an American.”

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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oh god not again

I’m not american, but since this is your holiday and all, i thought it fitting to ask you people a question about your country.

in american movies and tv, people never say goodbye when they hang up the phone. Do you guys really end your phone calls like that in real life? it’s so hostile. how do you manage to run your society like this?