Saturday Night Social: Who Am I Kidding, I Can't Do Eyeliner Like Adele

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Make up tutorial time! Celebrity stylist Michael Ashton will show you how to look like Adele, like that’s even possible.


I could maybe manage to look like her from this distance:


Look like her in the sense that I appear confused and a little pissed all the time. Hey, give it a shot if you have time for a 20 minute tutorial. I’m going to watch New Girl, then slap some mascara on.

Happy Saturday!

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Butter Nutter Oreos

Emily is super confused by playing youtube videos of kittens. She wants them.

It is my birthday weekend and I traveled to see my bestie in the bay. We were going to visit Ikea and have In-N-Out and generally were living life and then we spun out on the freeway and almost died and it was so fucking scary and also really showed how different we are as human beings.

My best friend is a very calm person who only breaks down after the shit goes down and she was driving so she was able to get it together and get us safely off the road.

I was screaming my head off and I was a fucking mess. Especially since, as the passenger, there was absolutely nothing I could do, but screaming was doing something.

We ended up stuck across both lanes on the highway and I kept saying “we have to get out of the road, we have to get off the road omg we’re gonna die. Dude, we are still on the middle of the road.”

She was like,”I know, but it is ok, no one is hurt and the car wasn’t hit, cool it, you are fine” then she got us out of the road and safely home.

When we got home, she started crying and we had a pot of tea to fortify ourselves.

We abandoned our plans and got sushi that was walking distance to her house.

I am going to get so wasted tonight to celebrate making it to 26.