Saturday Night Social: We Hope You Live Forever, Lily Tomlin

The amazing writer and performer Lily Tomlin turns 73 today, and if you're not too busy watching the "Gangnam Style" parody that officially won the Internet, I'd recommend spending a quiet night in with the Tomlin oeuvre. But if you haven't got all evening, here are some often-overlooked little old school fillets for you. Have a nice Saturday night!

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So i'm twenty years old, have no friends (hint: i'm lonely), i'm a virgin and don't have a high school diploma. How the fuck do i make friendships that mean something and who in the right mind would want to date me knowing that my first relationship will probably fail (considering i've had none, and i don't believe i've ever really felt in love)? Plus: where the hell do i meet these people!? All i do nowadays is stay at home and try to kill time, all i want is to go out but i don't have any reason to so i don't. I don't like going out alone either so there's another reason i don't go out even when i do have a reason. I live with my parents, i don't have a job but i am taking adult education to get my high school diploma and i do have goals and ambitions, but it's hard to do anything when i always feel this lonely. I don't really know what acceptable actions are or what normal boundaries are so i tend to avoid it all entirely so that i don't get seen as some sick weirdo or creep. Any advice?