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Saturday Night Social: von Trapp Singers Bout to Drop That Solid Gold

A. The Sound of Music is based on a true story cause...

B. The actual great-grandchildren of Captain and Maria von Trapp started an indie pop band and their EP is about to drop April 14. Listen to their story here.


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My husband said I'm so mean for doing this, but I can't help it, everyone seemed to enjoy it so much last week. Bad Writer Facebook Friend posted this on Facebook:

"I am not a billboard, but only a self-advertising behemoth. Come check out the blog peeps because recognition thirsts, and it's surely insatiable. [URL REDACTED]

Here's a little something new:

"My ink spills drip with brilliance, spattering the page with the utter example of my attempt at a life beyond myself. I want to be known, and to be remembered as someone who defined an era. But here we all sit, slamming keys to the sounds of internet and an inaudible attempt to throw ourselves out in the mix of it all. But shit, maybe writing is the culmination of speech imbedded in society. Everyone else just spits forth worthless nonsense, and posts it to a page that supposedly represents who you are as an individual. Or maybe they ask "how are you?" and someone else responds with "good", but do you really feel 'good' or is that just an expression to expel when someone asks you a personal query?"