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Saturday Night Social: Vince Vaugn and Miguel Are So Money

Choosing between Vince Vaugn Puffy Edition and Vince Vaughn Lean Edition is really just a matter of taste: I prefer dudes on the Vincent D'Onofrio end of the spectrum, myself. Dude hosts Saturday Night Live for the first time since '98, and the musical guest is Miguel. (Have you guys heard his album Use Me yet? I like this song best.)


Have a good Saturday night! Hydrate!

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OK, can we talk about TV?

1. Mad Men- so glad it's back! Loving Pop Culture Happy Hour's take on it this week.

2. I finally took everybody's advice and started watching Veronica Mars... now I'm hooked! It's so good and Kristen Bell is so adorable!

3. I really hope ABC doesn't cancel Happy Endings, but it seems inevitable.

What are you all watching?