Saturday Night Social: Vince Neil Thought He'd Be Playing at the Presidential Inauguration No Matter Who Won

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Politics has deadened so many of our dreams these past two weeks, including, I guess, a weird delusion belonging to Mötley Crüe singer and future Celebrity Apprentice contestant Vince Neil.

On Friday, Neil announced in an interview with Billboard that he will perform with his own band at the coronation of Donald Trump on January 20. Neil said he was asked about his availability “months ago.”


A few hours later, TMZ caught up with Neil, who told them he’s been “uninvited,” which came as quite a shock seeing as he was under the impression that he’d be performing at the inauguration no matter who won the presidency. It appears Neil was not aware that it had been the Democrats, not “any election outcome,” who had booked him in advance.

“I guess there is more politics in bands playing than I thought there was,” said Neil. This does sound like the dawning realization of a man who saw no difference between performing for an unstable, pussy-grabbing racist (to say the least) and Hillary Clinton.

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