Saturday Night Social: Time To Monkey Around

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Ok, folks, that's it for me for tonight. But you guys can feel free to keep on keepin' on through to Saturday Night Live and beyond. Play nice! [Image via sunsetgirl creations on Flickr]


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liz.lemonade: She is beyond good and evil.

Book rec: Confessions of a Prairie Bitch, by Alison Arngrim — yup, an autobiography by the woman who played Nellie Oleson. I was three months old when Little House on the Prairie premiered, but this is bringing back some fond memories. I'm only halfway through, but this is really fun so far. (A warning: it does have some descriptions of childhood abuse.) Arngrim is a witty and honest writer, and I think y'all would enjoy it even if you were born after the show ended. Plus, there's a paragraph in the prologue that makes me think she'd be right at home here on Jezebel. ;) I'll put it in the replies.