Saturday Night Social: This Is Tesco Cat's World, and We're Just Living in It

FYI, Cats of England: Tesco of Rugby is a no-judgement zone. If you feel like, say, swiping some treats off the shelf and then plopping down for a nap like our hero friend here, you can absolutely go for it! Howl at the moon, run up and down the aisles, get high on catnip and pay what you wish (nothing!), live your life like every day is Supermarket Sweepstakes–and I’m fairly certain that Tesco and the world at large will not knock you for it. They will love you. We all love you.


Melanie Morris-Jones, Rugby woman who encountered our hero friend here, tells the Daily Mail that she found Tesco Cat half passed-out next to a box of Go-Cat food at around 9 a.m. on a weekday, undoubtably coming off a night out that was just nuuuuuuuts because cats don’t have jobs, and every night is an adventure. She claims that a cashier was aware of kitty’s presence and that Tesco Cat is a “regular.”

Who among us has not woken up in a pile of crumbs with a bag of half-consumed double dark chocolate Milanos in their bed?

Not I.

Not Tesco Cat.

Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo



Hey Jezzies - I posted a few weeks ago about taking custody of my nephew and I need a place to vent, and I probably need some advice too. Feel free to dish it out.

I’m struggling with the idea that I don’t miss my nephs when he’s away, I don’t have the nagging worry about him that moms seem to have, and I haven’t really had any bubbly lovey dovey feelings towards him. It almost feels like long form babysitting. Counting his visit to us this summer as one his being brought to me at the airport was literally the fourth time I’ve seen him. I had no chance to build a relationship with him, and feel like I’m doing him a disservice by not naturally being loving towards him. I had a moment with my dog the day after I got her where I was just holding her and had this overwhelming feeling of LOVE for her. I haven’t had that with my nephew and I feel so guilty. I’m trying to show love and tell him he’s loved, but I’m not naturally that way and it feels so insincere. We were able to figure out names for a bunch of different kinds of hugs, so it’s a start, but I want him to be happy. I’ve not told him mom this but she volunteered up tonight that he seems so happy here. He does gets lots of hugs and cuddles from my parents, but not really from me other than school drop off and bedtime hugs.

But I’ve managed to teach him to read in like three weeks and we celebrate those little victories and I’m able to tell him I’m proud of him and come up with fun ways to help him learn.

But then I’m stressed about housing. I just bought a two bedroom place that was perfect for me and my business (business went into the spare room), but now I’ve tossed a kid in there. Fortunately the spare room is large and he has half, but I worry that if this turns into a long term thing that I’ll end up with a angsty teen who is pissed about not having his own space. I can’t give up the business space or put it in the garage - the garage just got workbenches for my stained glass and I still need to fit my car in there. I do have a spot in the house where I can put a loft for my nephew, but it’s not perfect. He’s never really had his own room since my brother died so he’s not phased now, but I’m a worrier and I worry for how this will play out.

I’m also mourning the loss of my free time during the week and have worries about finances, but my family and I are trying to work out solutions.

But in the meantime I am also SO lucky that he is a GOOD kid. Neat, honest, empathetic towards others (he tells me stories about how he helps kids at schools who get owies or their feelings hurt), and he’s hella responsible. He is so easy with the day to day. But I’m still having auntie guilt :(