I donā€™t know about you guys, but Iā€™ve been spending most of this weekend doing one of my favorite activities: watching Lifetime movies. During a marathon of mediocre holiday flicks (including one that features Ashanti as an evil department store manager), I saw a commercial for the upcoming Toni Braxton Lifetime biopic, Unbreak My Heart.

To tell you the truth, Iā€™m nervous. The Whitney Houston one that came out about a year ago was so bad I fell asleep ā€” and I pretty much watch EVERYTHING! However, this Toni Braxton one, unlike the unauthorized Whitney one, has 100% approval from Braxton, which may or may not be a good sign. Weā€™ll find out on January 23, wonā€™t we?

Also, if anyone cares, there is a Lifetime movie tonight starring Eric Roberts as a psychopathic doctor. I will be watching.

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Image via screenshot/Lifetime.