Saturday Night Social: The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Documentary Is Finally Out, for Your Sore Eyes

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Yesterday, the much-anticipated Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary RGB was released, a needed jet to flush the remainder of the internet trash floating around in the toilet bowl of my end-of-blogday skull. I’m basically rehashing a Billy Eichner tweet right now.

But, like the man says, ask not the status of DJ Khaled clap-backs! Nor what comebacks are still coming Roseanne’s way for insulting anal porn (sorry)! How did Ruth Bader Ginsburg counter the Dean of Harvard Law when he reportedly asked her “how she justified taking a spot from a qualified man” in 1956?


The feature-length answer to that question, according to Jezebel’s Clover Hope, is a riveting look beyond the sometimes-cloying meme-ification of the 25-year Supreme Court Justice:

The film essentially works to accent Ginsburg’s superstar status, with segments on her “Notorious RBG” nickname and shots of engrossed fans at her speaking engagements—a rocket could be approaching Earth and people would still be glued to her words. But again, the emphasis is on her social impact, evident in recaps of Ginsburg’s work with the ACLU, her notable legal battles, and her famous dissents as a Supreme Court Justice. There’s something riveting about watching her argue the simple logic of equal rights before a panel of men.


And the Washington Post, New York Times, Vogue, Los Angeles Times, Variety, TIME, and Slate seem to agree. See ya at the AMC.

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