Saturday Night Social: The Return of SNL

At long last, SNL is back tonight with a piping-fresh episode hosted by none other than Jennifer Lawrence, archer, self-immolator, and, most important of all, thespian. It should be good fun, just make sure you don't get roped into opposite day like noted compliment fisher Jason Sudeikis.


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new mom in need of advice please! So I've been at home with my daughter now for 11 weeks, and because of my work situation (job pre-pregnancy was/is about an hour away; very little unpaid maternity leave; non-profit work that- while rewarding- pay does not even let us break even with paying for daycare) I won't be returning to employment. Instead, I'm going to start a distance learning program in the summer that I've been wanting to do for a while to get some licensing in my field. I never planned to be a SAHM- and this kiddo was a surprise for my me and my husband- but it's just what makes the most financial sense (and long-term sense for my career prospects).

I've always had a difficult time staying still/not doing enough, have always been very active and involved in a million things and found it hard to just stay home and watch tv or something. but now I am home ALL. THE. TIME. It's upstate NY and awful winter, so I can't even go out for walks/jogs with the dog and the baby because it's way too cold and windy.

I'm going stir crazy and I have days that I just cry and mope and feel horrible and start to resent my beautiful little girl. I feel completely isolated. and on top of it, finding it difficult to lose the rest of the baby weight. (my treadmill- my one slice of sanity- short circuited and can't be fixed, so I can't even run inside).

I guess I don't mean to whine so much. I am very happy overall- I love my little girl so much- and am happy to be a mom even though it wasn't planned this early. BUT, I need more balance. I get that the first few months are supposed to be all about baby, but I feel like I literally have NOTHING ELSE going on... because.. I don't.

I guess I just need some moral mom support here. feeling really isolated, boring, restless and anxious. :-/