Saturday Night Social: The Night Belongs to Irma Thomas

Nothing like the Soul Queen of New Orleans.

It's Taylor Swift's birthday, it's Steve Buscemi's birthday, it's Christopher Plummer's birthday, it's Dick Van Dyke's birthday, it's a lot of people's birthday! Is it your birthday? It'a probably your birthday, huh? Well have a good one.


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I fly home from Germany on Monday morning! While I am sad about leaving, I am very happy to get home. The level of missing I have for guyrootof is physically painful and my beard-creeping has crossed into leacherous territory. Some prompts for discussion (I LOVE our discussions, SNS-ers):

1. In honor of my soon to occur reuniting with guyrootof and his luscious beard, and to contribute to my leachery, please post pictures of the hottests beards you can find. Goatees and stubble do not count, soul patches get negative points, gifs of beards being sexy get double, and gifs of bearded men nodding at me flirtatiously get triple. These fake points are very important and will entitle you to 100% of the glory and a virtual moscow mule.

2. God I love a Moscow Mule. Drinking one now because my vodka cannot go to waste! Favorite classy cocktails, go! (More points for any that come in copper cups)

3. Speaking of eating what's in the fridge before leaving, does crackers and jam and a few slices of cheddar and green beans count as a meal?


5. Transatlantic flight combining a flexeril (muscle relaxer) with a Norco (painkiller) unwise? I get claustrophobic and I want to feel nothing and pass out for the whole flight.

Always happy to socialize with you folks! I am doing so from a hard earned bubble bath tonight, so know that every time I write something to you tonight, I am nude.

ETA: also, plantar fasciitis tips would be great.