Saturday Night Social: The Night Belongs to Burt and Dolly

Happy Saturday night, Jezzies! Let's enjoy some damn fine singing and dancing from the 80s, shall we?

Of course I'm going to go send you off on this, my first Saturday shift in almost a year, with some Burt Reynolds (and of course Dolly Parton). You may have heard that Burt is facing some financial woes and therefor auctioning off a lot of his personal memorabilia:

Reynolds' own vehicles — big and small — are offered, including a 1997 Dodge Ram pickup truck customized with a portrait of Burt Reynolds as "The Bandit," a "Bandit" go cart, a red and white "BR" Ranch monogrammed surrey carriage gifted to Reynolds by Dolly Parton, and the Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson motorized Wedding Stagecoach built in 1979.


But don't worry. I have faith in Burt. He is simply releasing himself from the burden of material possessions in this realm as he prepares for his ascension into the next. Have a good night and I'll be back on Sunday evening.

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So Jezzies, how do you deal with a parent who has... putting it lightly here... different political opinions from you? And by political opinions I mean that my mom's an unrepentant racist that has drunk the Fox News kool aid who somehow has the ability to bring this shit up in every conversation we have no matter how banal.

Today's conversation had both "I refuse to go to Mexico because they've been keeping that marine for xxx amount of days (she actually knew how many) when they send all their people illegally over our border" and "My friend's daughter married an Arab that the family really doesn't like. They have a son, and she's so glad the baby takes after his mother! If he's a little dark, he'll just look Italian!"

I just can't even.

My mom has her good points, but just mmhmming her leaves me miserable afterwards. If I say anything about what she's saying, it turns into an argument where she'll say something along the lines of "You don't know what it's really like" or "You don't get all the news over there in Europe".

I try to keep our phone calls to twice a month, but this is driving me crazy in the worst way. Coping tips please?