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Saturday Night Social: The Night Belongs to Bonnie Raitt

Whoa, it's Bonnie Raitt's 65th birthday today, so let's celebrate one of the greatest guitarists of all time!


I grew up in a dadrock household—lots of Eagles, lots of Allman Brothers, oddly lots of Lynyrd Skynyrd (my dad got his MBA at Georgia Southern and considers the one time he roadied for Lynyrd Skynyrd one of his greatest accomplishments in life—we are a very weird family). Bonnie Raitt was a hero because she was the one of the rare female voices I heard when my dad played music at home. When "Something to Talk About" came out, that's all we heard for a while. Happy birthday Bonnie Raitt!

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So, I would have had a 10/10 perfect day, but a man on the bus (a WHITE man, for the naysayers) groped me between the legs. Twice, because it was so crowded that I couldnt move away, and I was too shocked to say anything and I should have and it was awful.

So to try and take my mind off that, can we talk about what made the day otherwise perfect? I'm in Berlin for 4 months. One of the main reasons I'm here is the history of the Berlin Wall...I've been working on literature and history about or surrounding the wall for my entire doctorate so far. Well, tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall and there is this unbelievable "light border" made of white balloons lighting up the former path. I walked half today and will do the rest tomorrow, but it's been amazing overhearing old Berliners discuss their experience when it fell. The human spirit is indomidable.

oh, and I won tickets to iron and wine tonight, like....4 hours before the show. The concert was in a 120 year old church, and there was beer (in church!) and he took requests the entire time instead of having a setlist. Jesca Hoop opened/played with and she is unbelievable, look her up. On top of that, he took my request! Im a lucky broad.

I ate a huge doner (german/turkish street food) and am now resting my overworked muscles in a hot bath, where I am drinking Riesling right from the bottle and playing ipad Sudoku.

so yeah, thats how I want to remember today. Not as "the day a man grabbed between my legs twice in the same bus ride and I said nothing"