Saturday Night Social: Storm the Bastille

Tomorrow, July 14, is Bastille Day, which most likely means you’ll be celebrating the muddled storming of the Bastille (in which 98 attackers and just one defender died back in 1789) tonight. Enjoy the righteous, bloody, hopelessly confused siege that eventually led to France abolishing feudalism and writing the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. If you’re into really into slasher movies and civic responsibility, this is basically your Christmas.

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Fibonacci Sequins

Tell me about your snobbery. What are you a snob about? I'll go first: music and movies. If all you listen to is Top 40 and you think the last rom-com in theaters was great, then I'm definitely judging you and your unrefined palate (I'm only [half] kidding).

Less petty judgements: not being compassionate to animals and driving like a douchebag—those things say a lot about a person.