Saturday Night Social, Sponsored by Margaret Sanger

On this day in 1879, Margaret Sanger was born. She went on to do a whole lot to help American women secure more agency over their own reproductive systems (like open the first birth control clinic in the U.S., fight to give women access to safe abortions, and help legalize contraception, NO BIG DEAL), but you probably knew that already. Besides, you don't have time to read a long birthday post about Margaret Sanger when you still have to break out the Ouija board, summon her ghost, and offer it a piece of birthday cake that you made yourself. (Margaret Sanger's ghost can spot a store-bought cake a mile away, and, FYI, she prefers funfetti).


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I'm very glad Planned Parenthood exists (went there this week as a matter of fact), but I feel very uncomfortable celebrating a eugenicist and racist. I get why people want to ignore it, as anti-choicers may use it to tarnish PP and pro-choice history, but we do no service to anyone brushing over this.

Instead I will raise a glass to the feminists, womanists, and reproductive rights activists who work every day in PP and places like it to make sure all people of all genders, creeds, colors, and abilities are in charge of their own sexual health.