Saturday Night Social: Sharon Needles Has Great Taste in Horror Movies

Drag Race winner Sharon Needles shared her “Friday 13” list of favorite horror movies with Chiller yesterday, and it’s pretty good. Any list that includes Dead Alive and Seed of Chucky has its priorities in order, but Needles’s criteria for good horror components are perhaps a little more unique than the criteria of some other horror aficionados. “No grade-A horror movie,” she insists, speaking fondly of Night of the Demons, “is complete without a great dance number.” Amen.


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My husband announced Thursday night that he was no longer in love with me and wanted to leave. No interest in counseling or anything. He has feelings for someone else, a woman he works with, who's divorcing her husband and has two kids, age 12 and 8. She used to be one of my closest friends. I'm still in shock.

Friends are rallying around me. But I still feel sick and shocked and dismayed. I'm trying to get him to contact the mediator so we can start negotiating and get past this.

Good thoughts will be immensely appreciated.